It's Not about the Destination...It's about the Getting There - Pt. 2

Once we left the Olde Cemetery we continued on our way….destination American Stonehenge.  Before we knew it we had found what we were looking for.  As we were very early, we decided to keep exploring the back roads around the area.  To our delight we stumbled upon a large cemetery in Derry, NH named Forest Cemetery.  The new stones initially caught our eye; laser engraved photos and interesting designs, even one cut to the shape of a trailer truck.  As we wandered the cemetery we found a rather large section full of old slate…jackpot!  The stones in this section were amazing.  The artwork on the stones ranged from crude skulls to deaths heads, cherubs and portrait stones.  One section held the first settlers in the area. These stones were massive, standing at least 6-7 feet high and made of slate.  While we were searching the stones I heard the clip-clop of horses’ hooves.  At first I thought I must be day dreaming of the horses that I had seen earlier in the day.  Boy was I wrong! Up through the cemetery, on a central road, came a team of four majestically beautiful horses pulling a black carriage.  It was breathtaking; a sight I probably never will see again.  We watched them come through the cemetery and stop near the gate.  We ventured over and were greeted warmly by the driver and his passengers.  They were from a local farm and often drove through the cemetery. We spent several minutes talking to them before they again went on their way.  Wow…what an amazing day!  We were so enamored with the cemetery and the amazing experience of the horses we brought the entire meet-up team back that afternoon after touring American Stonehenge.

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