It's Not about the Destination...It's about the Getting There - Pt. 1

Recently Maine Ghost Hunters planned a meet-up at America’s Stonehenge in Salem, NH.  As is typical with us, John and I took off from our house early in the morning so we could explore on our way there (& often on our way home too).  We often look for old cemeteries, interesting old buildings or historic areas.  Our route is typically loosely based on our final destination, in this case, Salem NH.  As we drove, an old cemetery came up and, of course, we stopped.  I have to admit I was just as enamored with the horses beyond the fence as I was with the old stones.  You don’t know how badly I wanted to hop that fence.  John is always saying to me, “No touching the horses, they are not yours” so I knew hopping the fence was NOT an option.  My attention turned back to the stones, with continued stolen glances at the horses.  The cemetery, aptly titled “Olde Cemetery” was tended too, unlike the ones in my last couple of blogs.  The ground was carpeted in small purple flowers and the ground sloped downward to a rather steep hill.  The dates on the stones started in the 1700’s and they were in good condition although several were breaking apart in large slate sheets, literally peeling away from the stone.  They ranged from homemade, hand-carved fieldstones to slate and marble masterpieces carved professionally.  We spent at least an hour wandering around this cemetery, reading the names and talking to the individuals buried there.  When it was  time to leave, we said our good-byes and started off for our next adventure.

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