Gone...but not Forgotten

One of my husband and mine’s favorite past times is to drive around looking for old cemeteries, old buildings, and other places of interest.  We can often be spotted driving around in our truck or parked on the side of some old back road.   A few weeks ago we were driving down Route 1 in Southern Maine, a road we have taken hundreds of times, when out of the corner of our eye we spot a stone wall and the hint of a gravestone.  Being the curious people we are, we had to go and take a look.  To our amazement we had stumbled upon a little cemetery tucked on the side of Route 1.  It was in disrepair and overgrown with bushes and grass, the ground littered with leaves and debris.  I stood in amazement at how it had been forgotten over time and had been allowed to get into such a state.   Most of the graves were from the mid to late 1800’s.  Some stood tall while others were precariously leaning or had already fallen to the ground.  A few graves were now only marked by small pieces of the stone that once stood there.  I found myself wondering about the people buried there and why they had been forgotten.  I took a moment to document their final home with my camera and talked to them while I looked at their stones.  I promised them that I would make them known and bring to light the plight of their little piece of ground.  I hold firm on that promise and share them with you, my reader.

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