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Garkain: Australian Demon of the Dreamtime

The tribes of Australia knew the season for every fruit, the call of every bird, and the depth of every water hole. But they also knew that their land held terrible secrets and harbored creatures that hated humankind.

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"It's all about the setting"

“I want to tell you about an amazing setting for taking that journey in-ward. To be able to get to a meditative state that will calm you, entertain you and most likely give you a healing by sound….” DavidH

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Bats: A Winged Emblem of Evil

One of the most well known creatures of the night, swooping and swerving as they hunt, bats struck fear in humankind. They were furred like beasts yet winged like birds – an in-between nature believed to link them to old magic. Some folk said that bats were the ghosts of the unburied dead, or of criminals or those who trafficked with devils. Others concluded that they were witches in disguise, or even cloaks for Satan himself when he went traveling.

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Icelandic Ghost Lore and Tale

I’ve always been fascinated by the lore of different cultures. For instance, did you know that in Iceland, ghosts could be made by magic from a human bone? Called sendings, these ghosts were used as murderers, but they could be defeated. Once, for example, there lived a handsome widow who was much sought after as a wife. She refused all her suitors, however, including one who was skilled in wizardry. After that proposal, the widow, a prescient woman, put herself on guard.

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Written in Stone: Meet the Carvers - Nathaniel Fuller

Ever wonder who carved the images you see on old headstones? Follow me and I will introduce you to some of the carvers. First stop…Nathaniel Fuller.

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The Cemetery that Time Forgot

What can you find when you are out on a backroad in NH? Join me for a journey to an amazing forgotton cemetery.

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Gone...but not Forgotten

One of my husband and mine’s favorite past times is to drive around looking for old cemeteries, old buildings, and other places of interest. We can often be spotted driving around in our truck or parked on the side of some old back road.

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