Bigfoot Tales from New Hampshire

In doing research on Bigfoot in my home state of New Hampshire, I came across a few notable encounters.  There’s a story I read that I found to be one of the more interesting tales.  The story was written by Ed Parsons of the Conway Daily Sun and depicts an event a friend of his, his girlfriend, and their dog encountered while hiking in the woods one day. This man, by the name of Peter Samuelson, had been hiking the woods for forty years, but little did he know what they would experience that summer day of 1979.  The sight that Samuelson described was 100 yards away from Connor Pond where he saw a structure that would puzzle anyone.  It was stones stacked onto one another and a roof made out of thatched hemlock bows; through a doorway they saw a tall, big, hairy man, who stood about 7 feet tall and was covered with gray hair about three inches long. This half-man/half animal looking creature had its back to them.  What a sight it must have been, a possible Bigfoot in the flesh! How gentle he may have seemed…that was until their other hairy companion started growling at him. The creature heard and started making noises himself to show that he wouldn’t be intimidated by an inferior dog. The noise startled Samuelson’s girlfriend and they decided to hightail it out of there before they could see if Bigfoot was of the meat eating kind. Halfway down the mountain they realized they had a camera and that they could have gotten their experience on film.  A year later, he built up the courage to return to Bald Mountain and see if his furry friend was still around, but he was met with another awe striking sight, it was gone.  All gone, there was no sign of the structure that was once there.  He swears he isn’t crazy, but did the big fellow just pick up and leave?  Not even leaving a single crumble of rock behind?  His girlfriend, Holly, didn’t join him this time around, but she did tell him a story that back in the 1890s there was another reported incident with Bigfoot in the Ossipee Range at Connor Pond.  A man witnessed a hairy beast come out of the woods and chase a person’s dog before it retreated back from where it came.

Who knows what else people have encountered in the woods of the White Mountains of New Hampshire?  I know I would like a chance to have my own experiences, and possibly see what only a few have seen.  Join and check out our Meetup site, because that’s exactly what we’ll be doing the weekend of May 18th!  If you’re curious…come along!!

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