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Tech Talk

I have decided to try my hand at video blogging and plan to start a new series called Tech Talk.

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Bigfoot Tales from New Hampshire

In doing research on Bigfoot in my home state of New Hampshire, I came across a few notable encounters. There’s a story I read that I found to be one of the more interesting tales. The story was written by Ed Parsons of the Conway Daily Sun and depicts an event a friend of his, his girlfriend, and their dog encountered while hiking in the woods one day. This man, by the name of Peter Samuelson, had been hiking the woods for forty years, but little did he know what they would experience that summer day of 1979.

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Taphophile Corner - sharing the passion

Recently I was asked if I would make a special trip to visit a young lady who had heard me speak on the topic of cemeteries. She was wondering if I would share an afternoon with her and show her some secrets from her own local cemeteries. To be honest it was quite a drive for me. On the flip side, these were cemeteries I don’t get a chance to explore very often. OK, I was sold.

The girl’s mother was concerned that they would have to pick a cemetery that was “good enough” to go to.

I assured them both, just point me into the direction of ANY cemetery and I will find something amazing. Some of the most wonderful finds are hidden in tiny cemeteries.

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