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Archive for December 2011

So you've spent the year browsing cemeteries... what will you do with all of the photos you took? I have a fun idea to share with you, and I just can't wait to get started!

Taphophile Corner - Christmas cards

“In just a few steps, you too can have a card-ready image that will impress your friends. To capture the image seen here, I waited until the end of the day and strategically placed the setting sun behind the dove in the angel’s hand. The effect is great! I use this technique a lot to add brilliance to an image. The sun at the end of the day adds warmth to photos… this is called “the golden hour” in filming.”

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Paranormal Unity

We are an internet society. Things posted on the World Wide Web become fact to some and if picked up by enough people, may even become viral, spreading like wildfire in chat rooms and coffee shops. Within the paranormal community the new buzzword is “Paranormal Unity”. It is being thrown around by groups and loosely used to define the way they believe the world should look. Has anyone really looked at what this phrase means and what impact it may have on the paranormal community?

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Wyoming & Montana Vacation - Haunted Hotels, Cowboy Bar, Cemetery, and Ghost Town

I wanted to share some of the “haunted hot spots” I encountered on my vacation to Wyoming and Montana this past September. Although I wasn’t able to fit in an investigation of these incredible places, I was able to visit them, gather some history, and take some photo’s to share my experiences with everyone! One of the first places I want to take you is a ghost town known as Kirwin, WY…

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Happy Holidays

So it’s that time of year again. The holidays are just flying by as we get closer and closer to the end of another year. Time to make that list of wonderful things we would like to see under the tree when we wake up early in the morning on Christmas day. So what’s on your list? Here are my top picks for this year.

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