Maine Ghost Hunters…We’re not just hunting ghosts

Being a part of the Maine Ghost Hunters team has been a wonderful and very exciting experience for me. While investigating haunted locations is great there is so much more to the Maine Ghost Hunters organization.

Kat and Tony, two of the founders of MGH have always emphasized the Maine in Maine GhostHunters because that is what we are all about, Community. When we are not helping out a client with their haunted troubles MGH is out in the community giving the public the opportunity to see and experience what it’s like to be an investigator.  Talking to people at these events always amazes me for so many reasons, but the one that sticks out the most is that it gives people the chance to tell someone their own personal story without fear of being ridiculed.

MGH has many different outreach programs such as meet up investigations with the public and the “Sunday Cemetery Series” where we explore the history of the cemetery and its residents. Then we have coffee house meet –n-greet and special presentations.  My favorite is when we have the teen groups. Seeing these kids getting the chance to open up and share their stories is wonderful. I think a lot of kids just need someone to listen to them and not have to worry about feeling like they are different. They tend to be so shy at first but as soon as one of the kids speaks up and they all see that we are listening to what they have to say, they all start to open up and share their experiences. Some of them just want to share a story and then there are those who are afraid of what’s happening and the chance to just talk about it really gives them comfort. Maybe it’s just that I enjoy working with kids, but I really feel they benefit from these programs.

Not too long ago we had the opportunity to speak to a group of people in small town library. A few weeks before the presentation we investigated this library to see if anything paranormal was going on here. During our investigation in one room we had the feeling that we might be communicating with kids even though the children’s room was in a completely different section of the library. During our presentation we found out that the room we were in was originally built specifically to be the children’s room but had since been moved. It’s shocking when you find evidence and then after discover the facts that back it up. I had the chance to talk to one gentleman that used to go to that very room when he was 5 years old and it was still the children’s room. He started to describe to me the layout of the room as if it was yesterday. This is the type of history that I enjoy so much.

So if you happen to see one of us at a meetup, or cemetery, or even walking down the road, stop and say hello. We are the Maine Ghost Hunters, not because we are located in Maine, because we are a part of Maine.


MGH John B

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