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Archive for November 2011

Paranormal Fraud

This blog will be an ongoing series as an extension of the Paranormal Fraud series produced for BlogTalk Radio. I will outline true and personal accounts we as Maine Ghost Hunters experienced in our past dealings with a disreputable individual we will refer to as Amy-Beth Lewis Morris. While some parts of this blog may be amusing at times (you'll really get a kick out of some of it) our hope is that you will understand the need to protect yourselves as a Paranormal organization and indivudial as well as your clients who entrust their homes, family and privacy to you. 

Community Outreach - An integral part of the Maine Ghost Hunters' experience.

Maine Ghost Hunters…We’re not just hunting ghosts

Being a part of the Maine Ghost Hunters team has been a wonderful and very exciting experience for me. While investigating haunted locations is great there is so much more to the Maine Ghost Hunters organization.

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