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Archive for September 2011

Buck's Tomb and Fort Knox

Buck’s Tomb – a destination point for travelers from around the globe. Have you been to it?

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Taphophile Corner - Fraternal Orders

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Show me your cemeteries and I will tell you what kind of people you have.” What a seriously profound quote.

This is where being a taphophile delves into, of all things, cultural anthropology. We seem to thrive on dark cloaks, secret phrases and mysterious rituals – we are drawn to fraternal orders. No matter the year, there are certain truths that will persist through the ages when it comes to people. The things that drive us as a group

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Look......Ghost Hunters

Ever since my wife and I joined Maine Ghost Hunters it has been an exciting adventure. Now that we have signs on our truck, it has made me realize what impression everybody has as to what a paranormal investigator or “ghost hunter” is.

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