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Creepy Creatures: The Jersey Devil

Imagine you are walking through the woods and hear the flap of leathery wings. If you are walking in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey it just might be the famed Jersey Devil.

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How I Got To Know MGH

It was a little over a year and two month ago from today that I first met the Maine Ghost Hunters. I’m from New Hampshire and I had been curious to see if there were any paranormal groups in my state that held public events and investigations. Like most people involved in the paranormal I have had my own experiences growing up and wanted to learn more about what was going on, as well as meet new people who felt the same way.

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Don’t Fool Yourself

When it comes time to review all of the evidence you have collected there are many software products out there to help you with that long and daunting task. It seems that everyone has their favorite one to use, but when you finally get that new and improved program you need to be careful not to accidently fool yourself into thinking you just captured the best evidence ever

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Summer Cemetery Series: Eastern Cemetery

Eastern Cemetery was founded in 1668. History and art are among the many facets of this historic gem. Check it out if you’re in the area.

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EVPs and Frequency

I was recently asked if EVP’s are recorded at a certain frequency and how can I be sure if my recorder can record in that frequency range? So I started to research this and have ended up with more questions than answers. The biggest hurdle is how to answer a question that has not been scientifically proven to exist or not

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What have we been up to? What do we have going on? Check out this blog entry and see for yourself!

So much to learn - so much to do!


There’s a lot going on at MGH.

New members, new technology, new research, new locations. A Radio Show, a Media Team, not to mention special events and speaking engagements. Sometimes it’s a lot to juggle, but if you’re a member of this team, you understand commitment, and you love what you do – so, it’s all good!

We are more than just a group, we pull together, work together and have fun together.  We are a Paranormal Family.

What a great time to be a Maine Ghost Hunter!  Sundays 8:00-10:00 p.m.   Come along, learn and play with us!


Taphophile Corner - The 2011 Series!

The long-awaited 2011 Sunday Cemetery Series is just about to begin. June kicks off the series with a trip to one of my absolute favorite spots, Eastern Cemetery, in Portland, Maine.

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Summer Kick-Off

Summer Kick-Off at the Mill Agent’s House.

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