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EVP's: Frequencies and Software

” Sound is produced by vibration in an object when it moves the molecules of the medium (i.e.; air, water or solid) that the object is in, in waves of pressure. These waves are called Frequencies and are measured in Hertz (Hz). Frequencies are best described as a unit of measurement of a wave traveling over time, basically how fast these waves are moving. “

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So I wanted to be a hacker....

“For those of you who feel that you are electronically impaired, like I did and feel that you can’t modify your own Ghost Box, do me a favor….do NOT go out and buy one on Ebay…do it yourself! Watch Arwin’s video and hack away! You can do it! If I did it, so can you!”

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Shadow People. Evil Spirits or Misunderstood ghosts?

“Some say shadow people are from the darker realm. Possibly demons? Many who have seen shadow people say that their encounters were accompanied with feelings of dead, fear and despair. Could these shadow people be creatures of the dark side?”

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The Angel of the Thames

“So if this Angel does exist, why is it here? These are some of the theories as to why the Angel appears.”

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Hey! That's not Paranormal! What is Carrie thinking?!

“I spend countless hours every week on YouTube searching for videos to showcase during our radio show. So, I figured why not blog about it too. I come across some pretty interesting videos on You Tube but I can only pick one each week. So I’ll use this as a forum to discuss the ones that didn’t make it on the radio show and maybe I’ll throw in a random fun fact as well. So keep an eye out and check back to this blog page every month for a new video.”

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Meetup Investigation: Spring Kick-Off

The Old American Woolen Mill was the place to be on this night. We didn’t see the events of this night coming, but we have a feeling, the spirits in the mill knew exactly who would be in their domain after sundown. What an amazing investigation!

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"Girl's Night Out" - All Girl Investigation!

It’s an Maine Ghost Hunters’ Original! The “Girl’s Night Out” – “All Girl Investigation” !

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Taphophile Corner - An Ode To Spring

“… Flowers play an important role in the cemetery. Depending on the type of flower, they communicate many things about the grave they are on. …”

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