"Does your group work with psychics?"


Monday night, I was out to dinner in downtown Portland with a couple of friends and my darling other half.  We try to find time to have dinner together in newly established restaurants around the metro.  We have sort of taken it upon ourselves (secretly) to try out new restaurants in metro Portland so that our palates can critique the food of chefs and we can tweet or blog to let others know of their goodness or (coughbadnesscough).

I do find that our pre-dinner conversations tend to go into spirals of many subjects.  When I am present, since I tend to have many hobbies going at once, as the boys (I will refer to them as G & G) like to tease me about them tend to ask about one in particular right now, ghost hunting.  The topic of Maine Ghost Hunters came up and the questions of  “does your group work with psychic” was brought up.  My first response was:  “Well, we take the scientific approach to our research.  So, not really.  But, we have in the past.  We have worked with several.  We have had good experiences with psychics and (insert laugh) and some interesting experiences with them too.”  All the while, G was standing in the hallway of my apartment staring at me nodding his head, with his arms crossed against his chest.  I told him MGH just preferred science over “feelings” because of the tangable proof it could provide.   For example, due to an experience that MGH once had with a “fake” psychic at one point a while back.  Then his eyebrow rose, I think that got his attention.

He asked me how did they know the psychic was “fake?”  Still asking questions, “aren’t all psychics “fake?”  At this point, I begin to explain to him that there is a difference in the levels of psychics and people can be easily taken advantage of by someone claiming to be “sensitive” or “psychic”…in the above mentioned experience that MGH had, I was told it was humors after the fact, because it was so blatantly obvious that the psychic was a fake.  MGH does not discredit psychics or their abilities because we have people on our team who are “sensitive” in different levels (aren’t we all a little bit?)  However, we are all about the scientific approach and research when if comes to the paranormal.  It is just the way we work as a whole.

Now, please be aware, If you are reading this post and wondering what might be the warning signs of a “fake psychic” I have put together a quick list for you, think about this list the next time you meet someone who tells you they are psychic and just take heed…


How to Spot a Potentially Fake Psychic:

1. He or she looks peculiar with a black cape, menacing eyes, wiry hair, and wild make-up. Most real life and genuine psychics or intuitive coaches look very ordinary.

2. He keeps shaking a black crystal ball (or a plastic one) and says, “Ask again later”.

3. His idea of an “out of body experience” involves whipped cream and women’s clothing.

4. Their spoon bending requires two pliers.

5. During the your tarot card reading, he/she asks if you want to “hit” or “stand.”

6. They insists that your astrological sign is “The Armadillo”.

7. They tell you that a ghost is stalking you, affecting your energy attraction to luck and prosperity. Then, they demands $500 to chase away this ghost.

8. Psychics Magazine rates him/her just below fortune cookies but just above your mom.

9. She shakes her crystal ball and then predicts a large snowstorm and that Michelle O’bama is going to have another baby.



A Fake Or The All Accurate Psychic?

On the other extreme, if you cannot stomach the truth, don’t hire this one below either….

10. One afternoon a man was wandering around a fairground. His kids were at the Ferris wheel and he had some time to kill. He chanced upon a tent with a sign outside that says “psychic readings for $10″. Thinking it was cheap and that it would be quite fun to get a reading done, the man went inside.  The tent was dark; except for the light that was coming from the crystal ball on a table right in the middle. There was a gypsy woman seated. She beckoned him to sit down.

“Ahhhhh…” said the woman as she gazed into her crystal ball.  “I see you are the father of two children.”

“That’s what you think,” said the man gleefully, all ready to prove her wrong. “I’m the father of three children.”

The psychic muttered under her breath, cursing at the suggestion that she could be wrong. She gazed intently into her crystal ball again.

After a few seconds, she finally broke out in a grin and said, “That is what you think!”


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