2011 Coffee House Meetups Are Here!

Well, it's official.  We've started our Winter Mid-Morning meetup schedule again, and the response has been awesome.  We've scheduled meetings for all over the state, and we've got our eye on some other New England areas as well.  We've been busy, and we're bringing 'happenings' to a town near you, so we hope you'll join us! 


If you haven't yet joined the group, check us out.  We can be found here, at www.meetup.com/maineghosthunters . And, as always, we'd like to remind you that the MGH Meetup Group is about the 'big picture'.  We go on historical tours, we have meetings, we plan and attend events, and we go on group ghost hunts.  It's good to be a Maine Ghost Hunter!  Check out our photo albums and be sure to take a look at our past meetups. 

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