The Dark Side of Disney

Throughout the 15 years I've been with my husband my ghost hunting obsession has been no secret. It's always come with the territory. I mean our first date was at a graveyard! What did he expect?! So why was he so surprised to find me looking up haunted locations in Disney World in preparation for our up coming Disney trip? Did he really think I'd go all the way there and NOT try to fit a little paranormal investigating in? I think he might secretly be hoping that they won't allow me to bring my EMF detector and digital voice recorder into the park. But just to be sure, I looked it up online to see what was allowed in the parks and it said nothing about EMF detectors and DVR's. It just said something about no food or beverages in glass bottles. So it looks like I'm golden and it looks as if he's out of luck! I'll be shooting pics of my kids with Mickey Mouse and Goofy in between taking shots of supposed haunted locations. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a ghost say "hello" while I am video taping my kids on a ride! A ghost who understands the importance of multi-tasking could possibly become a ghost hunting mother's best friend!

I think the first place I'll be going to check out is the most obvious place of all, The Haunted Mansion. Now, one might think that the place wouldn't be haunted, because really, what would the chances be? It's such a cliche! But according to employees, there are many spirits walking the halls of the Haunted Mansion. There is no evidence out there supporting that anyone has ever actually died on the ride but sources say the spirits end up there in other ways. People come from all over the world to scatter loved one's ashes in the mansion. So many in fact, that Disney World had to actually make a law against it. One woman approached Disney management and asked if it would be possible for her to scatter her young son's ashes in the Haunted Mansion. Disney management, of course, said "NO". But that didn't stop her. Like the many others before and after her, she snuck in the ride and did it anyway. What makes her story a little more interesting than others is, apparently, that was not her sons dying wish because his ghost is said be seen sitting near the exit crying. Another spirit is a man who likes to creep up on ride workers and tap them on the shoulder. As well as the spirits of those who's ashes have been spread in the mansion, the mansion may also contain the spirits of those who are attached to one of the 654 possessed items that the mansion is said to house. Rumor has it that while the ride was being built, Walt Disney himself ordered that possessed items be brought in from all over the world to attract the spirits to stay. During the rides construction, Walt Disney is quoted saying this; "We're going to have ghosts from all over the world… But we haven't got the ghosts in yet. We're out collecting the ghosts. And we're making it very attractive for them, hoping they're going to want to stay…" Some say this quote is in reference to his possessed item collection.

As if having a whole mansion of spirits isn't enough, all the parks of Walt Disney World are rumored to hold the souls of those who have passed on. Just to name a few.. There is a little girl who haunt's the Spaceship Earth ride in Epcot and is sometimes joined by a little boy. People have seen them on numerous occasions in broad daylight. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has a friendly spirit named George, a worker who died during the construction of the ride. He greets the ride workers in the morning when they arrived and says goodbye at night when they leave. But he feels like he deserves the same respect and is said to shut off the ride when he is not greeted properly by his fellow "living" coworkers. There is the ghost of a man who haunts the Tower of Terror at night when the park is quiet. Security guards who have seen him walking the halls say when they call to him he does not respond and then just vanishes into thin air. Then, there is the mysterious "tan man" who walks the street in front of the castle. Some even say that Walt Disney himself pops in once in awhile to make sure his parks are being run to his standards.

The stories go on and on and it's no surprise really. If you think about how many people go to Disney World parks every year and how many people who have passed away while visiting, not only from accidents but also from natural causes…. Why wouldn't it be teeming with ghosts?

One might ask, "Why would the happiest place on earth be haunted?". Well, in my opinion, the answer is an easy one. Why WOULDN'T one want to spend eternity in the happiest place on earth? I know when I die, if I am given a choice of where I'd like to go, I'm answering, "I'm going to Disney world!!"

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