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October MeetUp Investigation!

Every now and again Maine Ghost Hunters offers an opportunity to investigate with our team on one of our outings.  So far, this October, we have offered the unique investigation experience of spending time in the Mill Agent’s House in Vassalboro, Maine for an overnight investigation in October.   If you would like to join us, register on our site and check out the details.

The Mill Agent’s House was one of the season finale featured stories on the 2010 season of A&E Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story” which ran this past summer.  Our team has pulled some impressive evidence from this location and the owner, who has been gracious enough to allow us to bring our meetup group to his home, has piles of evidence and personal stories that have been collected over the years.

Sunday Cemetery Series – Harpswell Old Meetinghouse

A personalized tour of one of Mid-Coast Maine’s most intriguing cemeteries.

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Sunday Cemetery Series – Black Point

Another incredibly insightful tour presented by MGH team member, and resident taphophile, WindyK.

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USS Salem MeetUp Investigation

The USS Salem drew a fairly large crowd, and did not disappoint.

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USS Salem – 1st Night

This USS Salem investigation was by invitation only. This group got to know the ship in a way that made us all comfortable enough to know we could lead others during our future scheduled meetup investigations at this location.

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Sunday Cemetery Series – Pine Grove

Pine Grove cemetery in Brunswick, Maine. What an amazing place! Members wanted to visit a cemetery where Sea Captains were buried. Pine Grove cemetery offered this experience and so much more!

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Updating imported blog entries

Maine Ghost Hunters Team Lead Avatar I've spent quite a bit of time assessing the situation and came to the conclusion there's more control to be had with our blog if we house it on our own server. So we successfully installed our blog onto our Maine Ghost Hunters server and have begun the process of importing all the entries we can, and fixing up the ones that can be saved… while deleting the rest.

So far, it's going well and things are looking pretty good.

And..... of course...

Our original blog entries which included video footage of our investigations was housed over on our blog site.  Vox has shut its doors which led us to migrate over to WordPress.  As luck would have it, our video footage did not make it from there to here.  We’ll try and get the videos up and running… if it can be done.  If it can’t, well, you’ll notice that immediately because there won’t be any videos to watch.

However, we do have almost all of our team’s available videos available for viewing over on our channel.  Check it out, it’s pretty ripe with investigation footage. .