Henryton Sanitarium Mini-Doc Daytime A-3

#3 of Mini-Doc 1st Day Time InvestigationMaine Ghost Hunters investigates an abandoned hospital somewhere in the U.S. with teams from across the country in a group effort to capture evidence of paranormal activity on the grounds. Video A-3 is roughly 8 minutes of a typical investigation. There is extremely little of this 8 minute clip that has been cut out, so you’re seeing a very life-like version of what it’s like to be involved, first-hand, in a paranormal investigation. Portions of video that may have been cut out are: when the camera was focused on the floor, or was bobbling around, or when someone swore or said something personally identifying that we do not want available to the public at large. Otherwise, this is all unedited footage.

Investigators claim to be hearing and seeing spirit beings.

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