Storms & the Paranormal

I came across these pictures on the internet and they got me to thinking about storms and their relation to increased paranormal activity.  I have to admit that I had a pretty long, and somewhat informative opinion, on the topic but I lost the post in the middle of uploading pictures, so I kind of lost my drive, but I'll do my best to recreate it as best I can.

This series of pictures was taken in the desert in Iraq.  It's an official sandstorm of magnanimous proportion, the likes of which haven't been seen since the first "The Mummy" movie was released back in the late 1990's.  All I can think of when I look at this is the enormous amount of energy there must be inside of this storm.  All the wind kicking up the sand, and all the sand particles smashing into each other… I'm thinking it might not be a bad guess to think there'd be strong possibility of seeing an occasional lightening bolt in the midst of the whole thing.  I'm also thinking about the static electricity charge, and wondering if, when the storm directly passes over (or through) people's residences, people's hair stand on end from the static charge alone.  It's an amazing thing to witness, and these pictures are incredibly awe inspiring, to some degree.

Now, given the nature of this post it would stand to reason that I'd bring up the topic of "storms" we see here in the

States, and their relation to paranormal activity during our investigations.  The theory is that spirits need energy to manifest themselves in the physical realm, the realm or dimension we live in.  And if storms carry more energy with them, as they do, then it would stand to reason that perhaps this energy source, being overwhelmingly and readily available to them, would be an easy "fix".   That said, there's also another question that hasn't been posed nearly as much as the possibility of spirits borrowing energy from the physical realm.  The question relates to us, as inquisitive and curious creatures.   Could it be that during times of storms, when energy levels are high all around us, it is we who are actually reaching into that "other" dimension?  Is it "them reaching out to us"?  Or is it "us perceiving them"?  Yes, it could be both if only the first case were true, but if you ask any psychic worth their salt they're going to tell you "everyone has this psychic ability, some are more in touch with it than others" and "there are spirits all around, it's just a matter of opening yourself up to their presence".   The truth of the science puts things into perspective, just as the truth of the psychic. 

So here you have a storm of intense magnitude, and I'm sure there's a lot of dust being kicked up in these domiciles long before the sand from the sandstorm ever reaches the actual residences, which also gets me to thinking.   With the electrical charge involved in an average thunderstorm, would it stand to reason that "orb" activity during a storm could actually be the result of "dust" being kicked up from static electricity?  Honestly, you might not even have to be walking around in a room, or have had any movement in a room during a storm to notice orbs floating around in there.  Why?  Is it because the storm allowed the spirits to present themselves?  Or is it because the increased electrical charge, the static charge, within the storm has actually charged the dust particles straight up into the air and they're suspended there for a period of time?   Either is possible, and I'm not taking a stand on which was is "more" true than the other.

My official opinion on orbs is that I have no official opinion.  I've caught pictures of orbs and have observed them while

scratching my head, wondering about the characteristice that could possibly make them "paranormal" in nature.  And then, as of just recently when I was walking in a tunnel known to be haunted by a soldier, I caught a photo of an orb after announcing I wasn't moving from my location until I took some pictures in lieu of this soldier's possible presence.  The orb was incredibly vivid, very bright, and just as "incredibly" well timed.  It's orb photos like that, that can really move a person to wonder the depth and degree paranormal happenings can impact our sense of reality, or "normality".  

Some might say "it is what it is, a speck of … something".  Others might say "you've tapped into another dimension", and there's others who might say "the other dimension has chosen to tap into ours".  Perspective, I guess, "is what it is".  People believe what they want to believe, and it's my opinion that this isn't "wrong".  It may be misguided, at times, but wrong?  Nah, just… a different direction. 

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