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ZeroLux Paranormal TV Show

MGH occasionally films for the ZeroLux Paranormal TV show at our meetup events.
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Bringing Mainers to Maine History

Old forts, military ruins, and other historic sites throughout the state are just some of the many destinations of choice for the Maine Ghost Hunters meetup group.
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Public Presentations

Maine Ghost Hunters offers public presentations throughout the year within our local communities, in Maine and New England.
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Curious Meetup Destinations

Rediscover the past by joining the Maine Ghost Hunters meetup group.
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Fundraising Events

Maine Ghost Hunters takes great pride in conducting fundraising events for local charities, and helping those in need.
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New Friends

The Maine Ghost Hunters meetup is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
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Bigfoot Hunting

Maine Ghost Hunters are generally fascinated with all aspects of the "mysterious and unexplained", so naturally, Bigfoot is an interest!
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Learning by immersion

During MGH Meetups there are plenty of opportunities to teach, learn, and observe.
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Experiences to remember

Having fun while exploring the stories of our ancestors ...
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Bigfoot Hunting Adventures

When Maine Ghost Hunters hits the woods for some summertime fun, we're usually in search of Bigfoot!
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Speaking Engagements

Maine Ghost Hunters accepts numerous public speaking requests throughout the year. Invite us to speak to your group!
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inviting you to get involved with us
Maine Ghost Hunters

MGH Blog

Welcome to the Maine Ghost Hunters blog site. This site is an extension of our team website, which houses and exhibits everything you could possibly want to know about the Maine Ghost Hunters organization, including our investigation data and evidence. Here, you'll learn what Maine Ghost Hunters has been up to "recently". You'll be able to see where we've been, what we've been doing, and how you can get involved. Visit often, we're planning on offering a dynamic website experience for all our visitors and Maine Ghost Hunters supporters.

Meetup Group

The Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup group is our primary community outreach and education team. It's designed to bring Maine Ghost Hunters to the public and to entice those with interests in the paranormal, to become involved with what we have going on. In the past, we've held coffee house chat sessions, guided cemetery excursions, tours of historical buildings and locations, and even a good many overnight investigation experiences. If you're excited about the paranormal and you live in Maine, you should join our Meetup group !

Maine Ghost Hunters

Located in Maine, but unrestricted by geographic bounds, Maine Ghost Hunters is working hard everyday to bring the best of what we have to offer to those clients, and potential future clients, who need our services. We've networked with groups from across the country, and have had the good fortune to work with network production teams for Nationally Televised Paranormal TV Shows such as, The Animal Planet's "The Haunted", A&E Bio's "My Ghost Story", and A&E's "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal".

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Posted in: general
December 5, 201813 days ago

Mainely Histories & Mysteries: The Mount Hunger Massacre of 1848

This is the kind of tragedy that helps us realize just how important community and accessible mental health care are. May the victims of the Mount Hunger Massacre rest easy knowing their story has helped others.

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Posted in: general
November 16, 20181 month ago

Mainely Histories & Mysteries: The Pitcherman

You’ve probably heard about the Haunting of Goose River Bridge in Rockport, Maine, but do you know the whole story?

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Posted in: general
November 5, 20181 month ago

Mainely Histories & Mysteries: The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster

Poco may be a legend, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, lurking in the darkness, hiding from rediscovery…

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Posted in: general
October 15, 20182 months ago

Waterville Public Library Haunting

Another new episode of ZeroLux Paranormal!

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Posted in: general
September 12, 20183 months ago

Mainely Histories & Mysteries: Sam Bellamy

The Whydah sank off the shores of Cape Cod, but the mystery will always be … did Bellamy stash his loot in Maine?

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Posted in: general
September 4, 20183 months ago

Mainely Histories & Mysteries: Sarah Ware

Bucksport, Maine is home to more legends than just Colonel Buck’s Tomb, and the murder of Sarah Ware is among the most intriguing of them all.

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